Writing in nature

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Writer’s Retreat at a beautiful farm in the Shuswap. There was a small group of us and our first order of business was to take a leisurely walk around the yard and take in everything we could enveloping all our senses. From the flowers, vines, tall evergreen trees and the hawks flying overhead, memories flowed through me like a waterfall. We then had a chance to write it all down followed by a few more writing exercises which we got to share with everyone.

A delicious lunch topped off with extraordinary raspberry pie and tantalizing conversation was soon followed by a lesson on the differences between self-publishing and the traditional form of publishing. We then had a chance to do some improv and character development.

A wine and cheese snack finished off the day and soon we were on our way back to reality and the busy city life.

Enjoying the beauty, smelling the crisp fresh air and sweet flowers relaxed me and brought me down to earth. I realized then that we all need to slow down every once in a while, take a deep breath and then things seem a little easier to handle.

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