Dealing with Sorrow

Dealing with sorrow is something we can’t get away from. Whether it be a family member or a pet (my pets are my kids too) but no matter what, we need to deal with the pain and each person does it differently.

I am currently mourning the death of my cat, Chloe. She was my baby, and my daily companion.

I took solace in writing a poem about all the wonderful, quirky, funny things Chloe did each and every day. She had such a unique personality, and I am finding that all the everyday things like getting ready in the morning or crawling into bed at night are the hardest things to do without her there to share it with.

Its only been four days and the pain is still fresh but I know with time I will heal and have only happy memories.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Sorrow”

  1. We know just what you mean, Tricia. Pets are part of our families and I am very sorry that your Chloe is no longer with you. Sending you best wishes, Kay


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