Does Time Heal?

Does time heal sorrow and pain? I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately. It’s been over a month since Chloe passed away and understandably the first two weeks were very hard. As the days slipped past, the crying stopped and I was able to talk about her without bursting into tears. But the last few days I slipped backwards and the sadness overtook me again. I remember holding her and comforting her during the end, saying goodbye and the guilt. Was there anything I could have done? Why her? Oh, the list goes on.

I try to think of all the funny things she did, as mentioned in my previous poem – Remember the Good, but sometimes that has me crying just as much.

Does time heal? I hope so…

1 thought on “Does Time Heal?”

  1. I was told that you “Find A New Normal”.

    It takes time but soon those memories that cause you grief will go back to providing you with joy. One day in the future you will realize that the amount of pain you felt was equal to the amount of love you had.

    Time may not heal wounds, but it acts like a great pain-killer.


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