Preparing for my own NaNoWriMo

I am currently preparing for my own month of NaNoWriMo this April 2013. What inspired me? The book “No Plot, No Problem” by Chris Baty. I am half way through the book and have done the necessary steps to bring me to my first week of writing and what I will encounter. One obstacle I have to spend a lot of time on is carving out my own personal writing space where I will be able to hide away from family and be undisturbed to let my creative juices flow.

So I wracked my brain… where do I put this precious space which will help carve out wonderment? Every room in the house is taken. The garage is full of “stuff” and too cold right now anyways. At the present time I have a little corner taken up in the bedroom but that is not the ideal place so it MUST be moved!

I did just finish cleaning out the furnace room over the Christmas holidays but after eye balling it a few times it just won’t work. The space is small. And where on earth will I put the stuff that is in there right now??? This space will be my space even after the 30 days of writing is over so it needs to be tolerable. It would be quite warm though. 🙂

That brought me to the next small space in the house – under the stairs. Again, full of stuff… but I haven’t gone through all the junk under there in a few years. Way overdue for a cleaning. So, just this past Monday I pulled everything out into the rumpus room (made a nice big mess to the kids dismay) and have started to go through the boxes. I got rid of a lot of Halloween decorations and downsized all Christmas and birthday wrapping paper into one awesome storage container. I still have a ways to go and still no solution to where I’m going to put everything.  The suitcases and decorations will have to go back under the stairs but I still think I will be able to make the rest of the space work for me – the rest of the boxes can join the junk in the garage until my garage spring clean! Can’t wait for that either. Lots of stuff to the dump! Yeah!!!

I will update my posts once I am on the next stage of Tricia’s writing space – furniture and decorating. It will be sooo fun!!!!




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