Deadlines… Stressful or Inspiring?

alarm clock lying on multicolored surface
Photo by Black ice on Pexels.com

Deadlines are everywhere.”Get this report done before the three o’clock meeting.” “Chores need to be done before you go out with friends.” “Have this chapter read by tomorrow.”

They give us structure and a sense of accomplishment.

But we can’t make this easy! Throw in an 8-hour work day, errands, groceries, meal prep, catch up on your weekly shows, walk the dog, dishes, laundry, chauffeur kids to all their after school sports and activities. The list is endless.

Our goal then is to figure out a life/work balance to make everything hum along in well-tuned harmony which brings us to… deadlines.

Me, for instance… my deadline is to have my first draft done by January 31. I have 9 days left to write four chapters. Part of me is screaming, “EEEKKK!” The other part is saying, “Okay, I have four chapters to write. I need to write for this many hours every day. GO!”

Now, this looming deadline is of my own making.. This isn’t a deadline from my editor. I want to be accountable. I want to have this done as writing is my passion and I need to be professional about it.

So, what do you take from this short blog blurb? Find time to do fit everything into your life even the not so fun stuff. And deadlines may just be the answer. They work for me. 😀


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