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I Pressed the Send Button

I finally did it! I sent my synopsis and first three chapters to the agent who requested my work. Whew!!! What a process that turned out to be. The synopsis I had to prepare was only two pages long. As I prepared to write it, I couldn’t believe I had to get 250 pages onto two pages – but I did. I got right down to the bare bones, filled it with emotional conflict, back story, and the black moment. I prepared the email, proofread everything and let my cursor hover over the send button.

Did I forget anything? Did I catch every mistake? Was I professional enough? Did I do it right??? – is what it comes down to in the end.

So, I let my cursor hover a little longer as I re-read the email again… my heart raced, my breath caught, I started humming a silly tune, then I took a deep breath and pressed the send button. I have to admit, my body shook with nervousness, but I was giddy.

Yeah me! A goal accomplished… I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I’m proud of following through and getting my work out there.


Back At It Again…

After about two weeks of not writing – and the reasons/excuses are quite numerous – I finally sat down in Starbucks last night and wrote the last three pages of my chapter eleven. It felt so exhilarating that the guilt just disappeared like the dollop of whip cream on my peppermint mocha.

There’s just something about the going to a coffee shop to write… and I always get a lot done.

Now that I’m on a roll I hope the next time I write isn’t another two weeks away.