Internal & External Conflict

Now that I’m at a critical point in my revision process where I’m about to join the two parts of my manuscript (the revised with the second half), I’m having questions and doubts popping into my head. Which brings me to the title of this post – internal and external conflict. Do my hero and heroine have both?

Does my heroine have a fear or a problem that only she can solve, something that is affecting the way she behaves? Does she have something outside herself – in the world around her – that is causing her grief?

And will she grow and change from these experiences and the process involved in solving both her internal and external conflict.

Now sometimes these conflicts can’t be solved as they are out of the characters control, but they can be accepted which is part of the characters personal growth.

And it’s important that the characters share the same external conflict. It gives them something to solve together and brings them closer.

I did a quick note taking and I think I’m safe… for now. 😉

Romance writing

Character Development

I just finished answering some general questions in order to learn more about my main characters. My heroine is done and my hero is next. I was quite impressed with the type of questions it asked such as:
what is her full name, birthday, likes and dislikes, how would a former date describe her, hobbies, education, where does she live, what are her parents like, etc…

If you want to see the article and get a full list of questions to help better develop your characters go to: