How Time Passes

I’m looking back on my posts and realizing I haven’t written in almost two months. It’s quite amazing how quickly times passes when life is full of work, kids, housework, grocery shopping, trying to stay in shape and extra-curricular outings. Trying to find time to write has been almost impossible. Even etching out 15 minutes has been a chore. I want to write… it’s on my mind all the time, yet I find myself asking the question, “Do I procrastinate?” Sure I do… but I also acknowledge that sometimes a busy family life needs to take precedence over self-indulgence.

When time passes so quickly the day is over in a blink of an eye, when do I write? My mind refuses to think the closer to midnight it gets and 6 o’clock comes early – a night owl, I am not. Mornings are chaotic, evenings are full of driving the kids to their activities or just finding enough energy to make supper. By the time I get a minute to myself, the last thing I want to do is dig out my characters lives and try to solve their problems.

A friend of mine is blocking days of the week on her calendar to write. I think I might give that a try as well. Perhaps not actual days, but hours on certain days. It’s a start… or another beginning… I’ve tried to solve this problem before, but life is always throwing something different my way and each new adventure calls for a different approach.


Does Time Heal?

Does time heal sorrow and pain? I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately. It’s been over a month since Chloe passed away and understandably the first two weeks were very hard. As the days slipped past, the crying stopped and I was able to talk about her without bursting into tears. But the last few days I slipped backwards and the sadness overtook me again. I remember holding her and comforting her during the end, saying goodbye and the guilt. Was there anything I could have done? Why her? Oh, the list goes on.

I try to think of all the funny things she did, as mentioned in my previous poem – Remember the Good, but sometimes that has me crying just as much.

Does time heal? I hope so…